Google is developing a new operating system called Fuchsia nobody knows

first_imgPink + Purple = Fuchsia. That’s the only description we have of a new operating system from Google. People have been posting updates to code repository Github over the past few days, and it’s had more than a few folks pretty confused. Right now, no one knows what Fuchsia is supposed to do or even what devices it’s for.Some folks have gone digging around in the code, which is publicly viewable, to help suss out some details. So far we know that it’s not using the Linux kernel — the core piece of code that serves as the foundation of Android and Chrome OS. Given that it’s described as “a new operating system,” though, there have been plenty of rumors flying. Some have suspected that it’s an attempt to unify Android and Chrome OS, or it might be the first stab at an OS for the Internet of Things. One of the more likely scenarios, though, is a totally new OS that could compete with Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux.According to Fuschia’s documentation, it runs on the Magenta kernel. Magenta is aimed at “modern phones and modern personal computers.” Plus, it has a bunch of features that we normally see in fully-featured operating systems like multiple users, advanced security, and graphics rendering.For now, the developers behind the project have been testing the software on several devices ranging from the Raspberry Pi 3 (which can support light versions of Linux) all the way up to standard Acer laptops.Brian Swetland, one of Fuschia’s developers told The Verge that the intent was to build an open source operating system so they, “might as well start there from the beginning.”last_img read more