Research Positions in the Center for Space and Atmospheric Research

first_imgJob DescriptionEmbry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s (ERAU’s) Center for Spaceand Atmospheric Research (CSAR) at the Daytona Beach, Florida,Campus seeks to fill multiple positions engaging in basicscientific research on wave propagation and dynamics in theatmosphere and ionosphere, and development and applications of newhigh-resolution numerical models for atmospheric dynamics andmulti-fluid ionospheric dynamics. These projects involve broadcollaborations with multiple research groups internal and externalto ERAU, including internationally. We are committed to diversity,equity, and inclusion in higher education and scientific research,and candidates from populations traditionally underrepresented, aswell as those committed to the success of those underrepresented,are strongly encouraged to apply.Nominally, we seek to fill two positions, although more may beconsidered:1) Research Assistant Professor, (~2-5 years post-PhD) withemphasis on nonlinear acoustic and acoustic-gravity wavepropagation in atmospheres using numerical simulation, viz.atmospheric computational fluid dynamics (CFD); demonstratedexperience in scientific communications (presentation,publication); numerical methods (finite volume or finite differencemethods); signal and data processing (Fourier and wavelet analysis,filtering), with understanding of high performance computingenvironments and code development, programming in Fortran or C/C++,and data visualization in Matlab, Python, or Paraview/VTK. Thisproject requires familiarity with direct simulation of theNavier-Stokes equations, ray-tracing, and nonlinear approximationsfor acoustic wave propagation. It requires ability and enthusiasmto work closely with a diverse team of collaborating students andpostdocs.2) Research Associate(s), (PhD) with emphasis on ionospheric orupper atmospheric physics and modeling, and/or generalizedexperience in application, modification, and development oflarge-scale numerical simulation codes (in Fortran 90 or later,and/or C/C++) for scientific applications (e.g., atmosphericmodels, CFD or multi-physics models). Experience with numericalmethods commonly used in CFD and plasma simulation is required, ormay be substituted with substantial experience (at a code level) inmodel mesh geometries, data structures, and data post-processing.This position values candidate experience in scientificcommunications (presentation, publication), ability to work with alarge and diverse software development team, and familiarity withanalyses of voluminous high-resolution model output using bespokecodes.Responsibilities may include:- Scientific research as pertinent to the project(s).- Dissemination/publication of results in journals and inconferences.- Assistance with mentoring of graduate students within the scopeof the project, or as funded by CSAR.QualificationsPhD in Engineering, Physics, or related Science disciplines; ~0-10years’ experience post-PhD, depending on position; experience andexpertise consistent with the Position Descriptionrequirements.Application / Process:Candidates must submit a CV and Cover Letter, and clearly indicatethe position to which they are applying. Note that these requiredifferent experience and qualifications. Review of applicants willbegin immediately. The position will be filled pending confirmedavailability of support, for an initial term of one year;extensions or renewals are possible, contingent on performance andavailability of funding. Due to the pandemic, these positions areeligible for (or may require) routine remote / off-campus work.Anticipated start dates are in January 2021.Please direct any questions about these positions to JonathanSnively ( [email protected] ) and/or Matthew Zettergren ([email protected] ).last_img read more