Building on e-HR success

first_img Comments are closed. e-HR in action B&Q’s HR project manager, David Foote,explains how the DIY retailer is reaping the benefits of a solid e-HRinfrastructure with its SAP HR systemOn average, B&Q has 1,100 new joiners, 800 leavers and 10,000 contractchanges each month across its 320 UK stores. With a significant increase in thelabour force expected in the coming years, HR project manager David Foote knewhe had to find a way of easing the strain on the HR department by streamliningprocesses. That was in 2000, and while many companies are still debating the whys andwherefores of an e-HR strategy, B&Q leapt straight in. Foote’s willingnessto bite the bullet has meant that the number one DIY retailer in Europe isreaping the benefits of a solid e-HR infrastructure on which to build from bothan HR and business standpoint. “We needed to upgrade our HR technology to make sure we benefited fromextra functionality, increased accuracy of information, extended reportingmechanisms and streamlined processes,” says Foote. “Our SAP HR systemhas given us this.” To help achieve its aims, B&Q employed the services of HR specialistArinso UK, which has a track record in implementing SAP systems. Arinso madesure the design of the system was tailored to a store-based environment,encouraging exhaustive testing by the organisation. “We had two user testing groups – one that took 2,000 existing payrollrecords that were entered into SAP HR to see if the same pay figures werearrived at, while the other team was tasked with dreaming up wacky HR andpayroll scenarios to see how the technology reacted,” says Foote. “Wespent five months on this phase, but it was worth it as the first payroll wentsmoothly.” A working party was established to assess the best way to roll out SAP HR.The personnel administration and organisational management modules were rolledout first, with time management (which includes a clocking facility) followinglater. An interim solution was developed to allow the administration of the HRprocesses to be managed by the existing central HR team, but many tasks wouldeventually be devolved to store managers, and it was planned that each storewould be online to the SAP HR system via a PC. Roll-out to stores initially focused on the larger B&Q warehouses thatalready had mini HR infrastructures and strong administration capabilities andthen continued with the B&Q supercentres. Training on the systems and the reviewing and modernising of businessprocesses emerged as the major issues. The latter saw most of the HR work ableto be managed at local level, dispensing with manual reporting systems, whichhad involved duplication of effort. As well as increased capability, efficiency and access to information, Footeidentifies a major benefit of the system as putting the control of informationin the right hands as well as ultimately fulfilling the dream of making the HRfunction more strategic. “We have seen a substantial reduction in the number of pay queries andcalls to our support desk. Also, we anticipate being able to reduce our storestaff costs simply by giving managers accurate reporting of weekly costs,”he says. “The HR function across B&Q will increasingly be one ofexpert consultancy, providing advice, support and guidance to line managers onHR issues.” Despite positive reports one-HR, it still remains to be judged on itsability to provide a prompt return on investment. With pressure on the function to adopt the business partner’s approach, thisis hardly surprising, but as Wayne Carstensen, managing director of Arinso UK,points out, the less immediately apparent benefits should also be recognised. “Employee/management reviews, for instance, can be done online and thenprovide the basis for needs analysis and allow an organisation to workone-learning programmes and career-pathing,” he says. “E-HR is a strategic enabler and, as such, a part of the sharedservices and business process outsourcing options available to business to workin a more efficient manner, says Carstensen. “However, if an employer doesnot have a structured technology backbone it can become costly to implement andintegrate a holistic solution to realise benefits. The bottom line is thatlong-term benefits are achievable, but the actual timescales depend very muchon the organisation and industry.” Building on e-HR successOn 7 Oct 2003 in Personnel Today Previous Article Next Article Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more

The EPICA challenge to the Earth system modeling community

first_imgOne of our major aims as Earth systems scientists is to predict how the Earth will behave in the future, particularly in the face of changes imposed upon it as a result of human activities. These predictions are made using models and concepts that are in part derived from observation of how the system has behaved in the past. However, these observations, which come from paleo-records, are also one important tool for validating the models. The imminent appearance of a new ice core data set presents a unique opportunity for a test of our understanding, particularly of the climate/carbon system. Members of the European Project for Ice Coring in Antarctica (EPICA) and others here present a challenge to the modeling communities and other interested parties. The Vostok ice core record has become an iconic data set. It presents the climate of the last 420 kyr, showing the rise and fall of Antarctic temperature through four complete glacial/interglacial cycles. The most striking finding is that CO2 and CH4, the two most significant greenhouse gases (after water vapor), also rise and fall, in a remarkably similar fashion. When Antarctic temperature is calculated including a correction for the climate of the water vapor source region, the correlation between CO2 and Antarctic temperature over the last 150 kyr has an r2 of 0.89!last_img read more

SST Dynamics at Different Scales: Evaluating the Oceanographic Model Resolution Skill to Represent SST Processes in the Southern Ocean

first_imgIn this study we demonstrate the many strengths of scale analysis: we use it to evaluate the Nucleus for European Modelling of the Ocean model skill in representing sea surface temperature (SST) in the Southern Ocean by comparing three model resolutions: 1/12°, 1/4°, and 1°. We show that while 4–5 times resolution scale is sufficient for each model resolution to reproduce the magnitude of satellite Earth Observation (EO) SST spatial variability to within ±10%, the representation of ∼100-km SST variability patterns is substantially (e.g., ∼50% at 750 km) improved by increasing model resolution from 1° to 1/12°. We also analyzed the dominant scales of the SST model input drivers (short-wave radiation, air-sea heat fluxes, wind stress components, wind stress curl, and bathymetry) variability with the purpose of determining the optimal SST model input driver resolution. The SST magnitude of variability is shown to scale with two power law regimes separated by a scaling break at ∼200-km scale. The analysis of the spatial and temporal scales of dominant SST driver impact helps to interpret this scaling break as a separation between two different dynamical regimes: the (relatively) fast SST dynamics below ∼200 km governed by eddies, fronts, Ekman upwelling, and air-sea heat exchange, while above ∼200 km the SST variability is dominated by long-term (seasonal and supraseasonal) modes and the SST geography.last_img read more

Ute teams to honor Lauren McCluskey

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailThe University of Utah athletics department and teams plan to honor the memory of deceased track and field student-athlete Lauren McCluskey in several ways.McCluskey was killed tragically Monday night by her ex-boyfriend. See the below schedule for how the University and it’s teams will honor her:Today (Wednesday, Oct. 24)5:00 p.m. Candlelight Vigil on the steps of the Park Building. The track and field and cross country teams will wear black ribbons.7:00 p.m. Volleyball match vs. Washington State. There will be a moment of silence and Utah and Washington State will link arms in solidary for Lauren, who is from Pullman, Wash. Stickers with the winged foot logo attached to this email will be given to fans.Thursday, Oct. 257:00 p.m. Soccer game vs. UCLA. There will be a moment of silence and the Utah players will wear wristbands with the heart logo bearing Lauren’s initials. Fans will receive the winged foot logo.Friday, Oct. 2611:10 a.m. PT Pac-12 Cross Country Championships at Stanford. The cross country team will wear black uniforms with a patch of the heart logo bearing Lauren’s initials.7:30 p.m. PT Football game at UCLA. The Utes will wear a helmet decal with the winged foot logo. In addition, the UCLA athletics department will hold a moment of silence at the game.OtherA Lauren McCluskey memorial fund has been established by the University of Utah to honor her memory. On request of Lauren’s family, the fund will help support future scholarships for student-athletes in track and field. Link to the Laura McClusky Memorial Fund: and messages of support to everyone grieving Lauren’s loss can be left by clicking on this link: plans are being discussed. October 24, 2018 /Sports News – Local Ute teams to honor Lauren McCluskey Tags: Lauren McCluskey/Track & Field/University of Utah/Utah Utes Written by Robert Lovelllast_img read more

Glee’s Matthew Morrison Eyeing Finding Neverland at A.R.T.

first_img View Comments The Harvey Weinstein produced tuner overhauled its entire creative team in 2013, bringing on board A.R.T artistic director Diane Paulus, composer Gary Barlow and playwright James Graham. Brian d’Arcy James and Kelly (Mary Poppins) led a workshop of the show last August, which also starred Jason Alexander (Seinfeld) and Kathleen Chalfant (Wit), retaining three of the original songs composed by former songwriting team Scott Frankel and Michael Korie (Grey Gardens). Star Files Paulus, a 2013 Tony Award winner, previously premiered her last two Tony-winning musical revivals (Porgy and Bess and Pippin) at A.R.T. Morrison received a Tony nod for originating the role of Fabrizio in The Light at the Piazza. He also appeared in the Broadway productions of South Pacific, Hairspray, A Naked Girl on the Appian Way, Footloose and The Rocky Horror Show. Since leaving the Great White Way, Morrison has starred on the FOX hit Glee as the team’s coach Will Schuester (Emmy nomination). Brian d’Arcy James Finding Neverland follows the story of Barrie (Morrison) and his relationship with the family of widow Sylvia Llewelyn Davies (Kelly). Llewelyn Davies’ children eventually became Barrie’s inspiration to write Peter Pan.center_img Laura Michelle Kelly Finding Neverland made its world premiere at Leicester’s Curve Theatre in September 2012 after canceling its fall 2011 debut at La Jolla Playhouse. That production featured direction by Rob Ashford, musical by Frankel and Korie and a book by the film’s screenwriter Allan Knee. At the time, the show was aiming for a West End run in 2013, but after mixed reviews and backstage turmoil, the production sought a new creative team and a complete overhaul. Tony nominee and Glee star Matthew Morrison is to star in an industry-only workshop of Finding Neverland in New York in late March. According to the New York Times, Morrison is also in talks about headlining the musical at Boston’s American Repertory Theater in late summer before a potential West End or Broadway transfer. The Daily Mail reports that he will play opposite Main Stem vet Laura Michelle Kelly. Matthew Morrisonlast_img read more

Uruguay Hosts Subregional Workshop to Develop New Strategies against Terrorism Financing

first_img The Subregional Workshop on the Fight against Terrorism Financing: Major Current Risks, of which Uruguay is the host, has begun. The event is organized by the Inter-American Committee against Terrorism (CICTE), part of the Organization of American States, with the collaboration of the Defense Ministry. Our president’s general secretary for anti-money laundering activities, Carlos Díaz, the executive secretary of the South American Financial Action Task Force (Grupo de Acción Financiera de Sudamérica, GAFISUD), Alejandro Montesdeoca, the OAS representative in Uruguay, Ambassador John Biehl de Río, and the undersecretary of the Defense Ministry, Dr. Jorge Menéndez, attended the opening ceremony. The undersecretary of the Defense Ministry, Dr. Jorge Menéndez, declared that this event addresses the fight against terrorism financing and current risks, and he said that this topic is of fundamental importance for the world, the region, and our country in particular. He added that this course will fundamentally make a significant contribution by strengthening the individual capabilities of the participants, who are representing agencies to which they will bring back what they learn, and he affirmed that this is definitely a way of strengthening the region’s capabilities in response to this plague. At the same time, he highlighted the possibility of establishing and strengthening relationships between countries and institutions, with the mechanisms that exist in the region to address this topic. The OAS representative in Uruguay, Ambassador John Biehl de Río, thanked the Uruguayan Government for its support and readiness to hold this workshop. Ambassador Biehl de Río indicated that the fight against terrorism is taking place on fundamental terrain, not only for citizen security, but also for strengthening democracy. He affirmed that the chief enemy of dialogue, a democrat’s fundamental weapon, will always be the fanaticism that leads to terrorist actions, and that our quality of life may be affected if everyone does not play a role in this fight. This event was organized by the Secretariat of the Inter-American Committee against Terrorism and the Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission (OAS/SMS/CICTE and CICAD), the UN Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate (CTED), the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC/TPB), and the Executive Secretariat of GAFISUD, under the sponsorship of the Uruguayan Government. Delegations from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Paraguay and representatives from our country, in different areas such as specialized courts, national public prosecutors’ offices, specialized police, customs police, border police, and intelligence units, are participating in the course. By Dialogo September 08, 2011last_img read more

The power of social media: 2018 credit union marketing strategies

first_imgAs 2017 is drawing to a close and the new year is ushered in, the successful strategist is already aware of and planning for the newest fintech and marketing trends that are predicted to influence the 2018 financial scene. In 2017, much of the discussion was centered on satisfying the increasing demands of the mobile user, especially Millennials, and keeping on pace with the latest in banking technologies. Social media proved to be an important avenue to reach new audiences, and marketing became more targeted based on the information gathered through these platforms. In the upcoming year, much of the conversation is predicted to be focused on member-driven needs and increasing member reach. Social Media’s role in the marketplace will continue to expand, looking to capture the attention of the Xennials. The well-prepared strategist is taking all these trends into account and has a core processing system in place that can not only gather and process member data for personalized marketing, but also allows for the integration of new technology through open architecture.The usage of social media as a marketing vehicle is proving to be an increasingly effective tool. In 2017 it was reported that over 81% of the U.S. population had a social media profile, making it a marketing rich resource with high potential for finding new members and a reach too influential to ignore. Instagram, for example, has 2 millionmonthly advertisers as of 2017, and 80% of users follow at least one business. Snapchat continues to dominate younger generation’s social media use, popular with teens and young adults, with over 100M active users and 10 billion mobile videos played per day. continue reading » 21SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

Endicott Applefest canceled for 2020

first_imgFestival organizers released a statement on Facebook saying the festival is canceled due to the severity of the coronavirus in New York State. ENDICOTT (WBNG) — On Tuesday, the Endicott Apple Festival announced this year’s Applefest has been canceled. They say the health and safety of everyone is their priority. They announced the date for 2021 is set for Saturday, September 18. This year’s fair was supposed to take place on September 19.last_img

Tori Spelling, Jennie Garth’s ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ Podcast Takeaways

first_img– Advertisement – Spelling added that she’s confident that David and Donna are going strong in 2020. “They have a gaggle of kids. Oh, that’s my real life,” she quipped to Us. “I mean between the two of us, Brian and I have a lot of kids so yeah, I think Donna and David would have a lot of kids and be happily married.”Garth, however, doesn’t like to pick between Kelly’s love interests Brandon and Dylan. “I think maybe she would be on her own by now,” she told Us. “She would definitely choose herself again.”During the premiere episode of “9021OMG,” however, Garth couldn’t help but gush about Priestley. “I’d never really seen anybody like that, I don’t think. He’s a cutie,” she quipped.Scroll through for everything we’ve learned about the ’90s show — so far: It’s time to pull up a stool at the Peach Pit and start spilling the tea! Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth are dishing on all the scoop about Beverly Hills, 90210 on their “9021OMG” podcast.Spelling and Garth, who played Donna Martin and Kelly Taylor, respectively, for all 10 seasons of the ’90s drama, dropped their first episode on November 9, 2020. On their show, the two actresses will be watching all 293 episodes of Beverly Hills, 90210, for the first time since the 2000 series finale.- Advertisement – “It’ll be fun to start from the very beginning, the pilot episode,” Garth, who claimed she remembers less than “90 percent” of the show, told Us Weekly before the premiere episode dropped. “And you know, we’ve got like 10 years’ worth of episodes to work through, that’s gonna be a while.”Spelling added, “We have everything that happened off camera as well that we’ll get into fun details. That’s the cool perspective, people got to see us on camera, but we were actually, you know, friends in real life behind-the-scenes. So, it’ll be cool to kind of merge those worlds and let [our fans] in on it.”Beverly Hills, 90210 also starred starred Shannen Doherty (Brenda Walsh), Jason Priestley (Brandon Walsh), Brian Austin Green (David Silver), Ian Ziering (Steve Sanders), Luke Perry (Dylan McKay) and Gabrielle Carteris (Andrea Zuckerman)- Advertisement – Garth and Spelling told Us that they hope to reconnect with their former castmates and 90210’s famous guest stars on their podcast.“There’s so many people that have gone on to be like uber-famous that you know, were on this show, so we would love to kind of get them back on,” the True Tori alum told Us. “Jen and I had so many boyfriends on that show over the years. We want to have all our boyfriends on.”- Advertisement –last_img read more

Terme Jezerčica announced investments of HRK 49 million

first_imgTerme Jezerčica has announced a new investment worth a total of HRK 48 million, which will include the construction of a camp, the expansion of the Hotel and a water park, restaurant and wellness center.Terme Jezerčica currently has 5 indoor and 3 outdoor pools, the hotel has more than 29.000 overnight stays. The hotel has 72 full-time employees and is constantly looking for a new workforce to increase its workload. Also, the occupancy of the Hotel Terme Jezerčica in the first month is over 93%, and at the annual level more than 80%, which is certainly an impressive result when we know that it is about continental Croatia. “The results that we have been achieving in the field of tourism for the last four years in the Krapina-Zagorje County and the expression of the interests of our regular guests show that this is the best time for such investments. Data on hotel occupancy show that we deal with tourism here 365 days a year and that the ideal time is for both the Ministry of Tourism and the Croatian Tourist Board to realize that part of the funds for tourism promotion, which is directed to the Adriatic, should be transferred to continental tourism. greater capacity to expand and increase capacity, as well as the necessary infrastructure to monitor investment”Said Željko Kolar, Krapina-Zagorje County Prefect, and especially pointed out the planned camp as a necessary tourist content for the Krapina-Zagorje County and stressed the importance of the fact that these investments worth a total of 48 million kuna will work a domestic contractor.The owner of Terme Jezerčica Dubravka Lekić recalled the beginning of Terme Jezerčica about twenty years ago “We started from a completely devastated facility that we bought in 1997 and we are very glad that today Terme Jezerčica is one of those in Croatia that shows that honest work can develop normally and achieve good results.”Said Dubravka Lekić.View that sells / Photo: Terme Jezerčica”We are in constant overbooking and need to increase capacity”Pointed out the director of Terme Jezerčica Elvis Pavleković, who also announced the planned investments. A camp with a capacity of 30 camping pitches and 15 mobile homes is planned on an area of ​​16.000 m2. The value of the investment is 8 million kuna, and the planned opening of the camp is on May 1, 2018.Upgrading and expansion of the central restaurant, main entrance with reception, expansion of the wellness center and construction of a new outdoor park with another pool and attractions, the investment is worth 58 million kuna, while part is planned to be completed by the swimming season and part by autumn this year .Also, as part of the total investment, there is an extension of the hotel for another 66 rooms, so that Terme Jezerčica would have a total of 106 rooms. The value of the hotel upgrade investment is 35 million kuna, the building permit has been renewed and the approval of the tender from the structural funds is currently awaited.last_img read more