RDEL to build fast patrol vessels for Indian Coast Guard

first_imgBack to overview,Home naval-today Reliance Defence to build fast patrol vessels for Indian Coast Guard Share this article View post tag: Indian Coast Guard January 30, 2017 The Indian Ministry of Defence has awarded Reliance Defence and Engineering Limited a contract to design 14 fast patrol vessels for the Indian Coast Guard.According to the company, the contract is worth Rs. 916 crore (approx. $141.5 million).Fast patrol vessels are medium range, high speed vessels used for patrol within exclusive economic zone, coastal patrol, anti-smuggling, anti-piracy and search & rescue operations.The company said the bidding process was a competitive one and saw the participation of all major Indian shipyards including L&T, Cochin Shipyard Limited, Goa Shipyard Limited and Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Ltd (GRSE).Reliance Defence further said it is the first private contractor to receive a contract to design and build such a class of ships for Indian Armed Forces. RDEL will be developing the design in-house. Authorities View post tag: FPV View post tag: RDEL Reliance Defence to build fast patrol vessels for Indian Coast Guardlast_img read more

Cowley stabbing in early hours

first_imgAn Oxford Brookes was stabbed in the early hours of yesterday morning outside the O2 Academy on Cowley Road. The incident took place at around 4am on Thursday 13th October. The 20-year-old first-year student was walking along Cowley Road when a man pulled up in a vehicle and a fight began.The student was taken by paramedics to the John Radcliffe hostpital where he remains in a critical but stable condition. Inspector Simon Morton from Oxford Criminal Investigation Department said, “At this stage, we believe that the victim knew his attacker and that this is an isolated incident.”This comes after a 31 year old man suffered facial injuries after being attacked with a knife on Cowley Road last week.last_img

It’s a simple fix

first_imgIt amazes me how in only a few weeks time, we can see many high rises built with hundreds of units and corporations and cruise ports all around town but stop short on a prefab shelter to help homeless animals. We are a peninsula where parts are built on a landfill. Those animals have kept rodents in check for years yet are still treated inhumanely by this town. There are many constituents that are sickened by the way these cats are treated. They are not an inconvenience. The shelter will cost little for this city to maintain. There are grants and donations that can help. Birds do not cost this city anything so it’s easy to side with something that will just fly away. They are not going away and neither are we.If you want to update this town, realize this: the career oriented crowds that you want to attract bring cats and dogs and other pets with them. They need an in town No Kill shelter. They are paying the prices for the units that you charge them. Give something in return.I don’t have any kids but I do have many nephews, nieces and greats. Mostly all my paid taxes go toward schools for residents with three or more children and yet it’s still not enough. I’m not complaining but, as a taxpayer, I do want to see some of my hard earned dollars go towards something that I care about and will fight for.Sell those bronze statues defecated on by birds. Those were not as necessary as a No Kill shelter. Build the No Kill Shelter for Bayonne and stop pitting cat and bird people against one another. We should be in this together. Build that shelter. Build that fence. Please give back a little.Debra Elliot To the Editor:I once again write to the City of Bayonne to just put a fence around the newly relocated A&P cats’ enclosure to keep them safe. I am a resident born and bred in Bayonne and this has been going on and on for 40+ years. It’s a simple fix: just build an animal shelter. We are being taxed for everything else but the one thing that we have been begging for for over forty years has been ignored year after year because it doesn’t generate revenue. It’s not always about revenue. It takes a prefabricated roof, four walls and a tiny lot. Why is that so difficult? Trainees from vet schools, volunteers from the three 501c3 groups that Bayonne already has in place, a free volunteer monthly spay/neuter mobile unit in lot for residents can make it happen. The High School can offer the seniors extra credit for volunteering while teaching compassion and giving an option of veterinary school careers. Award our own contract to our town and have a senior vet oversee the procedures. Elderly volunteers will feel good about contributing to the benefit of their town. You already have three experienced non profit organizations here in town. Use them!last_img read more

Press release: New Housing Administration regime

first_imgFurther informationThe regulation of social housing is the responsibility of the Regulation Committee, a statutory committee of the Homes and Communities Agency. The organisation refers to itself as the Regulator of Social Housing in undertaking the functions of the Regulation Committee. Homes England is the trading name of the HCA’s non-regulation functions.The regulator’s purpose is to promote a viable, efficient and well-governed social housing sector able to deliver homes that meet a range of needs. It does this by undertaking robust economic regulation focusing on governance, financial viability and value for money that maintains lender confidence and protects the taxpayer. It also sets consumer standards and may take action if these standards are breached and there is a significant risk of serious detriment to tenants or potential tenants.For more information visit the RSH website.Our About the Regulator of Social Housing page has contact details for media enquiries.For general queries to RSH, please email [email protected] or call 0300 124 5225. The Regulator of Social Housing has welcomed the coming into force of the Housing Administration regime from today (5 July 2018).The regime has been introduced under the Housing and Planning Act 2016 in response to concerns that the regulator’s existing moratorium provisions would not be suitable for managing insolvency in a larger or more complex provider of social housing. The legislation allows the Secretary of State or RSH with the consent of the SoS, to apply to Court to appoint a housing administrator in the event of a social housing provider becoming insolvent.Fiona MacGregor, Executive Director of Regulation, said: Commencement of housing administration strengthens the legal tools available to the regulator to protect the interests of tenants, investment secured on social housing assets and public investment in the sector. We are grateful to everyone involved in the process of developing these significant changes. What has not changed is our determination to avoid having to call upon the new regime. As a regulator we will continue to proactively regulate providers’ governance and financial viability, ensure that we identify and manage any viability issues as they emerge, and intervene before any financial difficulties of a provider reach the insolvency stage. While the Housing Administration regime provides a vital safeguard, prevention remains the best cure.last_img read more

News story: Award for Sellafield’s mental health campaign

first_img This is just the start of our journey, but we are extremely proud of the way our employees are continuing to develop a culture that promotes understanding, respect and support for all our colleagues. I’d like to thank everyone who is helping us to remove the stigma associated with mental health issues. The company’s ‘It’s okay to talk about mental health’ campaign has been named Best Internal Communications Campaign by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, at their North West Pride Awards in Manchester.The campaign is part of a wider approach to promote equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace, using the mantra ‘Respected. Included. Performing at our best’.It featured a range of videos and events in which employees shared their own stories about mental health issues, and supported the national conversation around ‘Mental Health Awareness Week ‘in May 2018.Alan Rankin from Sellafield Ltd, said: The Chartered Institute of Public Relations Pride Awards are selected by a team of leading industry experts.center_img This award is recognition of all the hard work people across the organisation have put in to ensuring mental health is taken seriously. As we know, 1 in 4 people will experience mental health problems in their lifetime, so our campaign is very much focused on ensuring we have a supportive working environment for people who have or might suffer such problems.last_img read more

John Mayer Gets Dark And Bares His Soul On New Album ‘The Search For Everything’

first_imgJohn Mayer may have just titled his stellar new album The Search For Everything, but it really seems like he’s already found what he was looking for. Mayer makes being a rock star look so easy it’s almost offensive. He can croon with the best of them and tickle the ivories before laying down guitar-hero arena sized riffs. He’s dated supermodels and fellow pop stars, appeared on stages all around the world, and took Jerry Garcia’s role in the newest iteration of The Grateful Dead with Dead & Co. Sadly, even singing cheek-to-cheek with Bob Weir isn’t enough to make Mayer forget the one who got away.Unfortunately for Mayer, having it all hasn’t apparently worked out as well as he might have wanted. The Search For Everything is dotted with numerous references to mistakes and powerlessness. After much conjecture in the media, he admitted that the first single, “Still Feel Like Your Man,” was indeed about his ex, mega-star Katy Perry. While the song itself is built around a soulful and bouncy background, it is clear that their is a dichotomy between tone and intention. Give the song a spin below and listen for yourself.“Still Feel Like Your Man”An undercurrent of melancholy is present on much of The Search For Everything. The theme is quickly reinforced on the second track, “Emoji Of A Wave,” a song of hope in the face of a growing uncertainty. “Helpless” attempts to throw the malaise of the first two tracks through the power of rock. The blues-guitar outro is fitting and soulful if not overly remarkable. Even songs that seem positive on the surface like “Love On The Weekend” have dark lyrical and sonic undertones.Doubts seem to plague John Mayer. On “In The Blood” and “Changing,” he seems to be examining every facet of his life. At the album’s midpoint, Mayer puts down his pen and let’s the music do the talking with “Theme From The Search For Everything.” After catching his musical breath, he drops one of the slinkiest guitar grooves you’ll hear this year on “Moving On And Getting Over.” Once again, the groove doesn’t match the message, as he clearly hasn’t moved on.The Search For Everything is an impressive example of the dying art of making a complete album. Mayer’s mixture of repetitive imagery lyrically makes his confusion and isolation painfully clear. On “Rosie,” he practically begs an ex for a one night stand, only to play a bubbling blues riff as he is again rebuffed. Time and again, Mayer’s hope of love is dashed against the rocky shores of emotional disconnect.For those paying attention, it was obvious that there was no cheerful finish on the way. The first stanza of the closing track “You’re Going To Live Forever In Me” concludes with the words “…it all ends unfortunately.” The testimonial of undying love he makes isn’t a promise made to the true love he seeks. When he sings the words “You’re going to live forever in me, wait and see,” he is making a sad promise to a uncaring ear. It’s the most poignant moment of the album, a perfect summation of all that has come before.The bravery John Mayer shows in sharing his heart in such an open way is undeniably entrancing. Artistically, it is said that it is best to “Write what you know” if you want to have any hope of true emotional resonance. The Search For Everything clearly shows Mayer as a student of that school of thought. The album is a love letter to missed opportunities and unfortunately placed optimism. Mayer may have written and record this album to exorcise his demons, but he also managed to show the true depths of his, and by extension, everyone’s humanity. Not bad for a white boy who can’t dance.last_img read more

COVID-19: Jakarta prepares local quarantine scenario

first_imgThe Transportation Ministry is preparing a scenario for a local quarantine in Greater Jakarta to slow the spread of COVID-19, depending on a decision expected to be made at a Cabinet meeting scheduled for Monday, a ministry official said.Transportation Ministry land transportation director general Budi Setyadi said that the ministry, in coordination with the National Police’s traffic corps, had developed a plan including so-called “stopping posts” at toll gates and along other roads to and from Greater Jakarta. If a regional quarantine is enacted, the police at the posts will turn back those trying to enter or leave the city. “We have not ruled out the possibility [of a local quarantine], but the decision depends on the leaders,” Budi told The Jakarta Post on Sunday. “We are only acting as the implementer who creates the standard operating procedures and [plans] what the protocol will look like.”The government has already issued a warning discouraging people living in Greater Jakarta from leaving the city for their hometowns for the Idul Fitri mudik (exodus).However, many have ignored the warning. Central Java, for example, has reported thousands of mudik travelers arriving in the province, including in Jepara with 1,776 arrivals, Purwokerto with 2,323 and Wonogiri with 2,625 as of Tuesday.Central Java had reported 55 confirmed cases and seven deaths as of Saturday, the fifth highest number of cases of the country’s provinces. Read also: Greater Jakarta failing as floodgate to nationwide COVID-19 epidemic”After the meeting [on Monday], I do not know whether it will still be a stronger warning or a complete ban. It depends on the Coordinating Maritime Affairs and Investment Minister, [Luhut Binsar Panjaitan],” Budi said.Budi previously told reporters during an online press briefing on Friday that his ministry was ready to close the entrances to Greater Jakarta and other national roads. However, he said he had no knowledge about when the decision would be made.The Post has obtained a copy of a classified Jakarta Police telegram, dated March 28, ordering the closure of the city’s main roads.Jakarta Police spokesman, Sr. Comr. Yusri Yunus, did not deny the authenticity of the telegram but said that the police were merely training for the possibility of a local quarantine.”We are still implementing physical distancing and social distancing, because there have yet to be any government regulations [requiring quarantine],” Yusri told the Post on Sunday. Indonesia had reported 1,155 confirmed COVID-19 nationwide as of Saturday, 627 of which were located in Jakarta. Sixty-two people have died of the disease in the capital, while 43 have recovered.While the total number of COVID-19 cases in Greater Jakarta is unclear, many of those who tested positive in other regions had recently traveled to Bogor and Bekasi, West Java, which is the province with the second-highest number cases in the country.Medical experts and COVID-19 volunteers have called on the government to implement local quarantines in virus-stricken areas such as Greater Jakarta. They say the government’s policy of physical distancing is not sufficient to contain the spread of the disease.The 2018 Health Quarantine Law stipulates that during public health emergencies, the central government can impose “regional quarantines” on areas that experience an outbreak of a disease. (dfr)Riza Roidila Mufti and Sausan Atika contributed to this story.Topics :last_img read more

Pullenvale home for sale after 18 years

first_img142 Airlie Rd, PullenvaleTerry Mau and Luba Malecky bought the property, at 142 Airlie Rd, Pullenvale, in 1994 and, along with their two daughters, called it home for 18 years. “We were a bit nervous about buying it but it was exciting to take on this glorious old home because it had been neglected a bit,” Mr Mau said. More from newsDigital inspection tool proves a property boon for REA website3 Apr 2020The Camira homestead where kids roamed free28 May 2019The couple set out to restore the home to its former glory, replacing the verandas and roof, installing insulation and repainting the whole property. “The exterior painting took close to six months and we actually moved out,” Mr Mau said.“We used the opportunity to remove a lot of the lead paint that was originally used. We did a lot of restoration of the timberwork inside and we replaced some of the stained glass windows.”Mr Mau said the formal dining room was his favourite part of the restored home. “It has a fireplace and we had an amazing antique mahogany table in there so we could host dinner parties with 20 or so people sitting at the table,” he said. The home also has a wraparound veranda, formal and informal reception rooms and a classic kitchen with granite benchtops. The master bedroom has walk-in robes, a powder room and a marble ensuite, while two of the other bedrooms have walk-in robes. A “secret” staircase leads to a wine cellar and there is a separate guesthouse on the property. “It is an amazingly quiet and relaxing place to live,” Mr Mau said.“The neighbours are a good distance away and there is lots of wildlife about.” 142 Airlie Rd, PullenvaleA century-old manor house that was once a ladies college is on the market in Pullenvale. The former Moreton Bay Ladies College is on a 3.41ha block with swimming pool and tennis court.last_img read more

NEST sees returns dampened by ‘challenging’ market conditions

first_imgThe UK’s National Employment Savings Trust (NEST) has seen all its default funds achieve positive returns over the last year, despite what it said were challenging times facing investors.The master trust, which at the end of March had £825m (€1bn) in assets under management, ended the financial year with nearly 3m members – the majority of whom were saving into its 50 default retirement date funds.NEST released its annual report as the UK government asked whether the scheme should be allowed to offer its members drawdown products, an area from which it is currently barred, as pension scheme members were required to annuitise when NEST’s founding statute was drafted.Despite nearly doubling scheme assets over the course of the year, NEST attributed a net increase of £406m to member contributions, and only £16.9m to investment return. This compared to a £38m gain from investments during the 2014-15 financial year, and a net increase in assets of £296m from contributions.While all of NEST’s default retirement date funds achieved a positive return, volatile investment markets meant the consumer price index (CPI) plus 3% target for members in growth phase was missed.Of the sample of funds listed in its annual report, NEST said members in the 2040 fund achieved an annual return of 0.66%, while a member targeting retirement in 2059 achieved a return of 1.4%.Only funds targeting outperformance relative to CPI or the London Interbank Bid Rate (LIBID) were able to outperform their benchmarks, and both the ethical fund and sharia fund fell short, returning 1.21% and 1.32%, respectively.“The year under review was a challenging time for markets, with considerable investment volatility, particularly in the summer of 2015 and at the start of 2016,” NEST said.It added that stocks with “heavy” commodity exposure suffered over the course of the financial year, and said credit markets were “challenging”.“Against that backdrop,” it said, “NEST Retirement Date fund returns were understandably lower than in previous years.”However, it emphasised that the annualised performance for its funds since inception in 2011 remained “comfortably ahead of target”, as was the case with the ethical fund’s 9.9% annualised return compared with its target of 4.6%.Default funds in the lower-risk foundation phase have also fared well since inception, with members targeting retirement in 2059 seeing an annualised return since inception of 7.9%, compared with its annualised investment target of 1.56%.The scheme’s annual report was released as the Department for Work and Pensions launched a consultation on the future of NEST, asking whether the scheme should be allowed to offer drawdown products after the introduction of pension freedoms and the end of compulsory annuitisation.The consultation suggested allowing NEST to offer decumulation products to its existing members, and noted the scheme’s previous research, which saw it propose the introduction of blended products combining deferred annuities and income drawdown.In emphasising that NEST would only offer decumulation to existing members, the DWP is likely seeking to stave off criticism from an industry fearful that the scheme will dominate the nascent drawdown market.It therefore also asked those responding to the consultation, which closes at the end of September, to detail the impact of the decision on individuals, and other pension providers.Commenting on the consultation, pensions minister Ros Altmann said: “NEST has played a vital role in the success of automatic enrolment, and its importance is likely to increase in coming years.“It is right, therefore, that we now consider how it continues to deliver its services in future.”NEST has 3.3m members and has seen its assets increase to £970m.last_img read more

GCE Ocean Technology Names Board Members

first_imgGCE Ocean Technology said that Jon Arve Sværen (OneSubsea) was re-elected as chairman of the board at its annual meeting in Bergen in April.In addition, a new board was elected.The GCE board structure in 2019-2020: Jon Arve Sværen, OneSubsea; Tove Ormevik, Aker BP; Tor Willgohs Knudsen, Equinor; Tom Georg Indrevik, Nye Øygarden Kommune; Ove Magne Kallestad, TechnipFMC;  Inger Graves, Aandera Data Instruments;  Geir Anton Johansen, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences; Steinar Matre, Westcon Olvondo; Gunnar Birkeland, Unitech Offshore; (Deputy)Hege Hammersland-White, Scantrol Deep Vision, (Deputy); Henrik Bang-Andreasen, Seaproof Solutions (Deputy).Furthermore, GCE Ocean Technology extended its gratitude to the board members leaving their position in the board, for their valuable work; Elin Sjødin Drange from Bergen Kommune, Mads Arild Eidem from DNV GL, Lasse Ståløy from Radøygruppen, and Silje Skarstein from Akers Solutions.last_img read more